Choose monitoring email frequency

How often do you want to receive monitoring email notifications for all the applications, folders and items you are monitoring?

  1. Select MY SETTINGS from your My Page menu.
  2. On your User Details section, in the USER PREFERENCES tab, choose an email notification preference.
    • Email Per Change: Get a separate email notification for each change to a monitored item.
    • Daily Digest Email: Get one email notification each day containing a digest of all changes made to monitored items in the preceding twenty-four hours.
    • Don’t Send Email: Get no email notifications for changes to monitored items. This can be handy when you are on vacation.
  3. Click Save.
After you have set your global email frequency, you can further customize the frequency of application monitoring emails.
Note: When you update two or more artifacts at a time, each user who is monitoring any of the changed artifacts gets a single email describing all the updates.