Move hosts from one project to another

When a project has too many machines or needs more, you may wish to reallocate hosts between projects.

You must be a domain administrator to move hosts between projects.
  1. Notify the project administrator of the project you are taking hosts from, so their project members won't lose important work which they may not have saved on that system.
  2. Go to the Project Home page for the project which contains the host you are moving.
  3. Select the Hosts tab to bring up the hosts list and click the host you want to re-allocate.
  4. Click the Admin tab for the host.
  5. From the Project drop-down box in the Allocation Details section, select the project that you want to move to.
    Note: If you do not see a drop-down box here, it means:
    • The host is a virtual guest. Virtual guests must remain in the same project as their parents.
    • The host contains virtual guests that are not all allocated to the same user. From the web interface, you can only change the project of a virtual host if the parent and all its guests are allocated to the same user.
    • The host is a cloud source.
  6. Click Update to move the host (and its guests, if any).
  7. If you are concerned about the security or contents of the machine that has been moved to the new project, rebuild the machine as soon as possible. This is the only way to ensure that only the exact software and users that you specified will be on the machine.
Note: For a more flexible way of moving hosts between users and projects, you can use a TeamForge Lab Management API client to perform the move.