Configure selective sync

The Selective sync, otherwise known as single user sync, is similar to the LDAP sync that is performed only for a particular user and not for the users in the entire directory server. The Site Admin can perform synchronization for a selective user on the three selective attributes: full name, email, and organization.

The single user sync is helpful when you encounter inconsistencies or discrepancies in the LDAP behaviour. Some of the common scenarios include network delay, LDAP disconnectivity, and failure of authenticating a valid user.

In cases where the LDAP is not completely reliable, you can consider performing selective sync. For example:
  • While performing LDAP sync for a huge site that has thousands of users, there are chances that a handful of users are not synchronized and found missing in the report. Just for users that are missed out, you can synchronize the full name, email, and organization of individual users.
  • When the default (dummy) email is used to create a profile, the user may not receive any email notifications. In this case, the Site Admin can update only the email address of the user and perform single user sync. It saves the time spent on LDAP sync that scans through the entire directory server for a single user's email update.
Note: You cannot perform selective sync on users that are disabled and deleted. Single user sync is not applicable for the 'ADMIN' user.
  1. Log on to the TeamForge as a site administrator and go to the look project.
  2. From the project navigation bar, click AUTH MANAGER.
  3. From the Main Menu pane on the left, click LDAP Sync.
  4. Select true form the Enable Group Sync drop-down list under Global Settings>Group Sync Settings. It enables the LDAP/AD group synchronization.
  5. Select true form the Enable User Data Sync drop-down list under Global Settings>User and User Data Sync Settings. It enables synchronization of the user data.
  6. To save and apply all the changes you made to the profile, click Save.
  7. Go to My Workspace > Admin.
  8. On the site administration navigation bar, click USERS.
  9. On the USERS tab, click the name of the user whose account you want to edit.
  10. On the User Details page, click EDIT.
  11. On the Edit User Information page, make your changes to the full name of the user, email address and organization.
  12. Click Sync User Info to synchronize the modified user data with the authentication source.
    Important: Selective Sync is limited to full name, email, and organization of the user. If you have issues with other attributes of a user profile, try LDAP sync through Auth Manager.