Allocate a host from a cloud

To allocate a host from a cloud into a project, specify its type, size and profile information.

In Lab Management, you can allocate from virtual machines on physical hosts and EC2 hosts. You cannot allocate a physical machine from a cloud
  1. In your TeamForge Lab Management project, click Hosts.
  2. Click Allocate for the cloud from which you want to allocate your host. The clouds you can choose from depend on the ones available in the Lab Management domain, and which of these the administrator has made available for your project.
  3. In the Clouds page, select a host type and size. Different host types have different attributes such as CPU, disk size and RAM. They also have different costs and available profiles.
  4. Select the system profile you want on your host. A profile in Lab Management is a collection of software packages that comprise a runnable operating system and accompanying set of applications.
    Note: Profiles have different costs. For example, a profile might include some licensed software that adds to the cost.
  5. Select the number of hosts you want to allocate. The default is one.
  6. To customize your host, click Advanced options.
    1. Enter a description for the host.
    2. Select whether you want the host allocated up to a certain date, or for a specific number of days. By default, the host is allocated indefinitely until you free it.
  7. Click Allocate Host.
Tip: You can see information about the host in your My Pages.