CollabNet TeamForge 17.1 Update 1 release notes

Released on: 16 March, 2017

TeamForge 17.1 version history

  • TeamForge 17.1 GA: 17.1.524-23 (01/31/2017)
  • TeamForge 17.1 Update 1: 17.1.547-42 (03/16/2017)

About TeamForge 17.1 Update 1

Fixed issues
  • Fixed a few code review performance issues.
    • The "Too many files to determine ..." message has been moved to the See Also tab.
    • Appropriate message shown when diff view is being loaded.
    • Diff view is shown by default.
    • Code review commits are simplified and paginated for faster pulldown requests.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ETL failure (AbortMembershipMissing error).
  • You can now manually create Binary sources from the Binaries Tools page.
  • Gerrit upgrade: Supports Gerrit 2.13.6.
  • You can now edit fields such as Category and Status even if these fields are configured as "Required Fields" in the tracker workflow. In addition, you can now edit the Category field even if its value is "None".
  • Inline-editing of an artifact status (that has a workflow configured) resulted in the workflow being applied universally to the rest of the artifact statuses in the list, which is now fixed.
  • The document status can now be changed from Draft to Final even with a closed review.
  • Fixed an issue with that throws an inappropriate error message.
  • While creating artifacts, one or more required fields, if not filled in by the user, caused a Servlet exception instead of displaying the actual error message, which is now fixed.

Apply 17.1 Update 1

For instructions, see Apply 17.1 Update 1.