Edit a tracker artifact

Updating the information in tracker artifacts is one important way that project members can work together effectively.

When work has been done on a tracker item, or more information is needed, the project member to whom the item is assigned should update the item's status accordingly. Comments from other project members help the artifact's owner decide how to handle the work.

For example, when the work defined in the tracker item is completed, change its status from Open to Fixed.

Your tracker administrator may have set up work flow rules that constain your ability to do certain kinds of updates. For example, an administrator may have specified that only users with the "QA Engineer" role can change an artifact's status from Open to Closed.

A project manager might also change an artifact's priority, return it to the submitter for additional clarification, or assign it to a project member for resolution or action.

Generally, the project member to whom the tracker artifact is assigned will update the status. Any project member with the appropriate permissions can add comments.

Tip: Each comment in an artifact or task has a unique ID with its own URL. To link directly to a particular comment, copy that comment's URL and paste it into an email, a project page, or another comment. For example, to point to the third comment in artifact 12345, write artf12345#3 in your comment. (If the artifact or task you are linking to is on a different site, give the complete URL, like this: http://mysite.com/sf/go/task1234#3.)
Artifacts support @mentions: Artifact description and comments now support @mentions and users called out via @mentions are added to the monitoring list. Include usernames with "@" as prefix (for example, @mphippard) to add users to the monitoring list.
Note: Users called out via @mentions must have "Artifact View" permission to be added to the monitoring list.
  1. Click TRACKERS from the Project Home menu.
  2. On the list of project trackers, click the tracker you want to update.
  3. On the List Artifacts page, select the tracker artifact you want to update.
  4. On the View Artifact page, click Edit.
  5. On the Edit Artifact page, make your changes.
    1. Select a tracker type from the Tracker drop-down list to change the artifact's tracker type.
    2. Edit the artifact's title and description.
    3. Click Save.
  6. On the View Artifact page, change any other fields if required, and click Update.
All updates to the artifact are recorded in the Comments section of the Status/Comments tab.