Install TeamForge

When you finish the sequence of tasks given below, you will have a working TeamForge 17.1 site tailored to the specific requirements of your user base and environment.

Installing TeamForge is not difficult, but it can be complex. To succeed, you should be familiar with the essential Linux commands and terminology. Most of the commands are given explicitly, but sometimes you have to substitute the values corresponding to your own specific environment.

You can install TeamForge in a dedicated mode. In dedicated installation mode, the server is fully dedicated to the TeamForge application. This makes the installation process very simple as the TeamForge installer takes care of configuring your Apache, Postgres, SELinux (if enabled) automatically without any manual intervention.

In a "Dedicated" install, it is advised not to install additional software applications other than TeamForge. It is also recommended not to run any unwanted services that are not used by TeamForge.