Synchronize an existing Microsoft Project plan with TeamForge

You can synchronize task data between an existing Microsoft Project plan andTeamForge.

Important: When you synchronize task data between Microsoft Project and CollabNet TeamForge, only the fields' data relevant to TeamForge gets updated.
You must have the task administration permission for the CollabNet TeamForge project with which you want to synchronize your Microsoft Project plan.
Note: Make sure your Microsoft Internet Explorer proxy settings are configured correctly to access the Internet, whether or not you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your Web browser. If you receive a connection error when synchronizing task data, check with your system administrator for your organization's proxy settings.
  1. Open the Microsoft Project file that you want to synchronize with TeamForge.
    Note: You can also synchronize using a blank Microsoft Project file. Use this method if you want to do a one-way import from TeamForge to Microsoft Project.
  2. From the ADD-INS menu, choose TeamForge > Synchronize with TeamForge.
  3. If you have not logged into your TeamForge site, the Log In window appears. Supply your credentials and server name and do so now. For more information on the login process, see Connect to CollabNet TeamForge site from Microsoft Project.
  4. In the TeamForge SelectTasks window, choose the TeamForge project and task folder with which you want to synchronize your Microsoft Project plan, and click Next.
    1. If your Microsoft Project plan contains any conflicts that would prevent successful synchronization, a list of possible problems appears in the Incompatible Tasks window.

      Click Cancel, then correct any issues. Repeat until all synchronization issues are corrected.
    2. If one or more tasks are assigned to resource names that do not have an exact match in CollabNet TeamForge, the Resource Assignment window appears. For all tasks that do not have exact resource matches, you must reassign the tasks.
  5. Click OK. The Synchronization Summary window lists the following:
    • All the tasks that were added or deleted in TeamForge that will be imported into Microsoft Project.
    • All the tasks that were added or deleted in Microsoft Project that will be exported to TeamForge.

    Synchronize Summary window
  6. Click OK.
    • If you do not have any conflicting task changes, your tasks are now synchronized. To establish the relationship between your Microsoft Project plan and the CollabNet TeamForge task folder, save the changes to your Microsoft Project plan.
      Note: If you choose not to save, your synchronization changes will not be saved in Microsoft Project and you will not be able to perform subsequent synchronizations with that task folder. After you have saved synchronization changes once, you can then choose not to save your changes to Microsoft Project. However, your changes are always saved in CollabNet TeamForge.
      Note: Use this method if you want to do a one-way export from Microsoft Project to CollabNet TeamForge.
    • If you have conflicting task changes, the Task Conflict window appears.
      You can use all values assigned in Microsoft Project or use all values assigned in CollabNet TeamForge.
      Note: When editing start and end dates, you must choose both values from the same source. For example, you cannot choose a start date from CollabNet TeamForge and an end date from Microsoft Project.
  7. Click Next.
Your tasks are now synchronized, and you can save the changes to your Microsoft Project plan. For future synchronizations, your Microsoft Project plan is now bound to the CollabNet TeamForge task folder with which you synchronized. You will not be prompted to select a task folder after the first synchronization.
Note: If you want to synchronize your Microsoft Project plan with a different task folder, you must unbind it from CollabNet TeamForge.

After you unbind your Microsoft Project plan, you cannot synchronize it with the original task folder, but you can synchronize it with any other task folder. For more information about unbinding Microsoft Project plan from CollabNet TeamForge, see Synchronize with a different task folder.