Uninstall Auth Manager

You can remove the Auth Manager completely from the TeamForge. Unlike other linked applications in TeamForge, you need not run the default installer to uninstall the athis add-on.

Before uninstaling, use the Auth Manager GUI to remove all the authentication profiles except the TeamForgeDatabase profile.

  1. Login to TeamForge as a root user.
  2. Navigate to the new add-ons directory.

    cd /opt/collabnet/teamforge/add-ons/ctf_authentication_manager

  3. Uninstall the AUTH MANAGER.


  4. Deploy services.
    1. Move all backup files and folders including the error folder to /tmp.
      Note: This step is required to make sure that there are no backup files and folders present in /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/james/var/mail/ to avoid any delay during provisioning.
      • cd /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/james/var/mail/
      • mv * /tmp
    2. Run the TeamForge provision command.
      • /opt/collabnet/teamforge/bin/teamforge provision

    The "provision" command prompts for response before it bootstraps or migrates data during TeamForge installation and upgrade respectively. Enter "Yes" or "No" to proceed. For more information, see The teamforge script.

  5. Start TeamForge.
    • /opt/collabnet/teamforge/bin/teamforge start