Known issues in CollabNet TeamForge 16.7

The following issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 16.7 release.


You cannot edit the "Assigned To" field of an artifact if the previous assignee's full name has an apostrophe (Example: McDonald's) in it. This is a known issue in 16.7.

As a workaround, remove the apostrophe from the previous assignee's full name. Now you are able to edit the 'Assigned To' field to re-assign the artifact to any other user. This issue will be resolved in the subsequent release.


Kanban cards show "Estimated Effort" instead of "Points" even if the "Estimated Effort" field is disabled for the tracker. This behavior is typical of cloned trackers and trackers that belong to projects created from templates.


The ArtifactEventListener is now asynchronous to prevent deadlock situations. As a result, there will be some delay in updating the count on Planning Folder and Tracker Summary pages once you create or edit artifacts. Refreshing the page can resolve this issue.

Activity Stream


Importing native DevOps objects such as Environment, Application and Package using Simbel is not possble in TeamForge 16.7.


The search icon on the AssignedTo field has an 'X' symbol overlapping it. This issue can only be seen in IE. This will be fixed in the upcoming release.