Issues resolved in CollabNet TeamForge 16.7

Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 16.7.


Performance related enhancements:

  • Open pull request listing.
  • Improved Git tree browsing.
  • Improved Branches tab performance on repositories with a lot of History Protect data.
Tracker/Plannig Folder
  • Fixed an issue with "Type" column in All Monitored Objects (My Workspace > Monitoring) tab that resulted in junk characters.
  • Unlike earlier releases, export of a tracker that contains a flex field named "Rank" is now allowed.
A performance issue with activating and deleting users in sites with larger number of projects has been fixed.
Case-insensitive login support
Wth the support for case insensitive logins (see ALLOW_CASE_INSENSITIVE_LOGIN for more information), an issue with case-sensitive logins in LDAP environments, has been fixed.
  • Code2HTMLwiki plugin was failing during wiki page creation, which is now fixed.
  • As always, CamelCase links on TeamForge wiki pages are now linkified by default.
TeamForge now enforces Internet Explorer's Edge document mode (Header set X-UA-Compatible "IE=Edge") even if you are in Compatibility Mode.
List of add-ons, which was found to be missing from the "About TeamForge" dialog box, is now showing up.
Broadcast message
href links in TeamForge broadcast messages are now functional as expected.
Number of security improvements towards a secure TeamForge.
When a team that has artifacts assigned to it was deleted, the artifacts' Change Log had no trace of the team delete operation. This is now fixed.
Inline Edit mode
Artifact updates in Inline Edit mode was not allowed if the date format as set in User Settings (My Page > My Settings) is different from MM/dd/yyyy. This has been fixed.
The addUserToProjectRole SOAP API has been fixed to allow users with site-wide role (non-admin) to add users to Global Project Roles in a project.
Discussion forum
  • The "unsubscribe" email address, which was incorrect on Discussion forum email notifications, was fixed.
  • RSS feed for Discussion forum was not readable due to the absence of white spaces and line breaks. This is now fixed.
Other fixes
  • HTTP_MAX_PARAMETERS: A new token, HTTP_MAX_PARAMETERS, determines the maximum number of parameters that could be submitted in a single http request on pages such as the User-Role Matrix page that has a large number of fields (check boxes). The default value is 5000. You can increase or decrease the value for HTTP_MAX_PARAMETERS within 0-25000 range, if required.
  • Site news: A bug in displaying site-news had an impact on site's home page performance which has now been fixed.