CollabNet TeamForge 16.7 Update 3 release notes

Released on: 16 Nov, 2016

TeamForge 16.7 version history

  • TeamForge 16.7 GA: 16.7.795-26 (07/29/2016)
  • TeamForge 16.7 Update 1: 16.7.795-28 (08/16/2016)
  • TeamForge 16.7 Update 2: 16.7.836-47 (09/15/2016)
  • TeamForge 16.7 Update 3: 16.7.866-65 (11/15/2016)

About TeamForge 16.7 Update 3

Fixed issues
  • Fixed a bug in ETL migration that resulted in migration failures in certain cases.
  • CLI reports could not be viewed post upgrade to TeamForge 16.7, which is now fixed.
  • Link to download exported file is no longer available: While exporting tracker artifacts, artifacts are exported to one of the file formats such as Excel, CSV, Tab-delimited or XML (as selected by the user) and the file is downloaded automatically. To improve performance, the additional file download link, which you would have used in the past, is no longer available.
  • While creating or editing nested single select flex fields, an issue prevented the parent flex field's values (Parent Values) from being retained, which is now fixed.
  • Artifact mass update, inline-edit and Plan For functions had some exception handling issues, which are now fixed.
  • An issue around Black Duck Code Sight permission settings during upgrades has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with Jboss startup in Oracle DB setup.
  • Fixed a migration issue in ETL that was processing deleted reports and as a result threw an error.
  • keep-alive and read-timeout attributes are now added by default to Jboss.

Apply 16.7 Update 3

For instructions, see Apply 16.7 Update 3.