Set this token appropriately to have the binary application installed the way you want (as part of the TeamForge installation or upgrade).

TeamForge 8.0 and later support integration with Nexus OSS, an open source repository manager for binary artifacts. By default, the TeamForge installer installs a binary application (referred to as the 'binary app' hereinafter), which is essentially a launching pad for all binary integrated applications such as Nexus OSS. Once this binary app is installed as part of TeamForge 8.0 installation, you can integrate your Nexus servers and repositories with TeamForge.

Though the binary app is installed by default with TeamForge 8.0, you can change the value of this site option token, BINARY_SETUP_TYPE, to skip binary app installation altogether. You can also have this token configured to have the binary app installed and rolled out for all projects (both existing and new projects to be created) or only for new projects to be created or for select projects on a need basis.


  • all: Binary app is installed and available for all projects.
  • new: Binary app is installed and available for new projects only.
  • manual: Binary app is installed at a site level and project administrators can add it to select projects on a need basis.
  • none: TeamForge installer skips the binary app installation altogether.



This token was added in TeamForge 8.0.