Migrating tools from CollabNet Enterprise Edition to CollabNet TeamForge 16.7

As you move onto CTF 16.7, you may want to know how the CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) project information is brought over to CollabNet TeamForge 16.7 (CTF 16.7).

CEE and CTF 16.7 Tool Mapping Details

Most of the tools and their functionality are similar between CEE and CTF 16.7. However, within each tool, some work-arounds might have been done to bring over the CEE project information and resources.

This table shows how tools in CEE map to CTF 16.7 tools:

CEE Tool CTF 16.7 Tool
Announcements Project News
Discussions Discussions
Documents & Files Documents
Wiki <Data is not migrated>
Subversion Subversion
Project Dashboard/Tasks Tasks
Issue Tracker Tracker
Project Tracker Project Tracker (Integrated Application)
Project metrics <Equivalent tool is not available.>
Project Pages Project Pages
Remote Publishing Remote Publishing

This table shows how objects in CEE map to CTF 16.7 objects:

CEE Objects CTF 16.7 Objects
Project Project
Project Group Project
Category Category + Project

How to find what you are looking for?

There are several tools that are migrated from CollabNet Enterprise Edition to CollabNet TeamForge 16.7.

You can look through the list for the required tool details. Within each tool, the information is divided into two sections - Migration Overview and Notes. Migration Overview section provides the mapping information whereas the Notes section lists the work-arounds or dissimilarities, if any.


  • Post migration, CEE's audit log entry table is available in CTF 16.7's data folder as "cee_backedup_audit_log" table.
  • Post migration, project tracker permissions are not migrated to CTF 16.7's tracker and vice versa. Project Tracker permissions are transferred to Project Tracker which is brought in to CTF 16.7 as an integrated application.
    Note: Project hierarchy and flow of permissions to child projects is a known issue as of now. Suppose before migration, the parent project is Issue Tracker (CEE) based, child project is Project Tracker (PT) based and some roles from the parent projects are in use in the child project. In all probability, the role inheritance will not be migrated.
  • The look project contains a single consolidated exception report - Documents>Root Folder>cee_migration_exception_report> GLOBAL-REPORT-CONSOLIDATED.txt.
  • The Documents>Root Folder>cee_migration_exception_report><project name>REPORT.txt folder holds all per project exception reports.
  • The CEE files that were committed in a CVS repository, display junk characters when directly viewed in CTF 16.7. It is recommended to download the file and view it.
  • The "www" content from CEE's www project is moved to the "html" directory in the branding repository of "look" project in CTF 16.7.

The assumptions made while migrating CEE to CTF 16.7 are given here: Migration Assumptions

List of the Tools Migrated from CEE to CTF 16.7