Migrating documents

Here are the migration details and migration notes for documents and files.

Migration Overview

  • In CEE the text field supports three formats: "Default", "Exactly as entered" and "HTML source". In CTF 16.7, there are two types of document mime types: "Text/Plain" and "Text/Html".
  • The file format selected as "html source" in CEE is migrated to CTF 16.7 as an attachment.
  • The CEE document files with "Default" and "Exactly as entered" format type are displayed as "Text" format type in CTF 16.7.
    Note: These files can be edited by selecting the Create online option under Update Document.
  • The CEE document files with "Html source" format type are displayed as "Html" format type in CTF 16.7.
    Note: These files can be edited by selecting the Upload from file option under Update Document.
  • In CEE, a document can be in either of the following states:
    • Draft
    • Reviewed
    • Baselined
    • Archival
    • Obsolete
    • Stable
    . In CTF 16.7, a document can only be in either "Draft" or "Final" state.
  • All CEE documents except those in "Stable" state are moved over to CTF 16.7 as "Draft" documents. The "Stable" documents are moved over as "Final" file status.
    Note: The "Obsolete" state may have a prefix identifier in the "Draft" state.
  • The folder hierarchy is retained.
  • The file version of moved files is set as version 1.
  • Locked documents are retained as locked.
    Note: If a document in CEE is set with a future date for locking, when migrated, it will be migrated as an un-locked document only. Locked documents can be viewed but not edited.

This table shows how fields in CEE map to fields in CTF 16.7:

CEE CTF 16.7
File formats:
  • Default
  • Exactly as entered
  • Html source
File formats:
  • Text/Plain
  • Text/Html
File Status:
  • Draft
  • Reviewed
  • Baselined
  • Archival
  • Obsolete
  • Stable
File Status:
  • Draft
  • Final
Pre-migration document states: Draft, Reviewed, Baselined, Archival or Obsolete Post migration document state: Draft
Pre-migration document state: Stable Post migration document state: Final
First document created date Folder creation date
Folder name Document Folder Name
Name Document Name
Status Status
Description Description
Text Create Online
Attachments Upload from File
Link Enter Document URL


  • The CEE features like infinite lock and a specific period are not mapped to CTF 16.7.
  • While creating documents, version comments can be entered in CTF 16.7.
  • In CEE, the file format can not be changed while editing the file, whereas, in CTF 16.7, the file format is editable as well.
  • In CTF 16.7, version comments also can be specified.
  • The CEE features that are not available in CTF 16.7 include: Advisory/Strict lock, Future date setting and Folder description.