Import TeamForge tasks into a blank Microsoft Project plan

To perform a one-way import of tasks from CollabNet TeamForge to Microsoft Project, use a blank Microsoft Project file to synchronize.

Note: You must have the task administration permission for the CollabNet TeamForge project with which you want to synchronize your Microsoft Project plan.
  1. Open a blank Microsoft Project file.
  2. In Microsoft Project, select ADD-INS > TeamForge > Synchronize with TeamForge.
  3. If you have not logged into your CollabNet TeamForge site, the Log In window appears. Supply your credentials and server name and do so now. For more information on the login process, see Connect to CollabNet TeamForge site from Microsoft Project.
  4. If your project plan does not have the journal (.sfj) file required for synchronization, the Setup for Synchronization window appears. Answer Yes for the journal file to be created.
  5. In the TeamForge SelectTasks window, select the task folder whose tasks you want to import, and click Next.
    Note: The window displays all CollabNet TeamForge projects of which you are a member, and all task folders in each project.

    Selection Dialog
    Warning: When you do a synchronization, ensure that you do not select any empty task folder, that is, folders without any task in them from TeamForge. This is because selecting an empty task folder from TeamForge creates an empty record in your Microsoft Project plan; this in turn creates an additional duplicate record every time you perform a synchronization.
  6. If there is any data that could prevent successful synchronization, the TaskFieldWarningForm window is displayed.

    1. Click Cancel, and correct the issues identified in this window.
    2. When you're done, click OK in the TaskFieldWarningForm window.
  7. In the Synchronization Summary window, click OK to proceed with the synchronization.
  8. When Microsoft Project asks you whether you want to save your changes, select OK.
The tasks from your CollabNet TeamForge task folder are imported into your Microsoft Project plan.