Add the TeamForge button bar to your integrated application

To help users navigate easily between the integrated application and the TeamForge site, you can make the TeamForge button bar available from the integrated application user interface.

CollabNet provides a tag library for JSP-based applications to plug the TeamForge button bar into their pages. The ButtonBar tag library is packaged in the SDK.
Note: Only JSP is supported in this release. More helpers for other view technologies are on the way.
Tip: Reference the buttonbar tag in a default layout page so that all pages can use the same tag library.
  1. Copy the taglib definition to your WEB-INF folder.
    1. The integratedapp-taglib.tld file is available in the SDK Package.
    2. The .jar file containing the IntegratedApp taglib is available in the integratedapps.jar (which also contains the other helper classes).
  2. Add the following to your web.xml file to define the tag library:
  3. Set up the Layout JSP page.
    1. Get an instance of IntegratedAppSupport and add it to the Request attribute.
    2. Set the “linkid” in the Request attribute.
Now you can draw the button bar on all integrated app pages so that the user can navigate between TeamForge and the integrated application.
For example, this is how we integrated Pebble, our example blogging application, with the TeamForge button bar. (For more detail, see iapp.jsp in the Pebble source.)
        <%@ page import="com.collabnet.ce.soap50.integratedapps.util.IntegratedAppSupport" %>
        <%@ taglib prefix="iapp" uri="" %>
        IntegratedAppSupport support = (IntegratedAppSupport)
        request.setAttribute("intAppSupport", support);
        request.setAttribute("linkId", support.getIntegratedAppId());
        <iapp:viewbuttonbar />