Configure a TeamCity adapter

Configure the TeamCity adapter to notify TeamForge EventQ when builds complete.

Before you start configuration, make sure that you have installed the TeamCity adapter. The TeamForge EventQ TeamCity adapter has a system configuration as well as build configuration level settings.
Important: When a build configuration is copied in TeamCity, the source association key is not carried over. You must add a corresponding build source in TeamForge EventQ, and enter the source association key while configuring the new build configuration.
  1. As a privileged EventQ user, edit (or add) the relevant Build source you wish to associate with this TeamCity build configuration.

    Manage Sources > Toggle Build > Edit the Source

  2. On the Edit Source screen, locate the section titled "Adapter Configuration Information" and copy all values; these values are used later in the configuration process.
  3. As a privileged TeamCity user, navigate to Administration > TeamForge EventQ.
  4. Populate the Server URL field. Copy and paste the Queue Server value from the Edit Source screen in TeamForge EventQ. Please ensure to include the "ampq" protocol and the port information.
  5. Populate the Server Username and Server Password fields. Copy and paste the queue username and password value from the Edit Source screen in TeamForge EventQ.
  6. Save the system configuration. Note that steps related to system configuration need only be done once per TeamCity server.
  7. Click on the Job/Build you wish to attach to TeamForge EventQ.
  8. Click on EventQ tab.
  9. Populate the Build source association key field. Copy and paste the source association key value from the Edit Source screen in TeamForge EventQ. For more on association keys, see Source association keys.
  10. Save the build configuration.
  11. Run a build to test the new configuration and verify configuration.