Issues resolved in CollabNet TeamForge 16.3

Here's a list of few noteworthy issues fixed in TeamForge 16.3.


Uninstalling Orchestrate removed some Binary dependencies, which is now resolved.


The document details section label did not display the active version and this has been resolved.

TeamForge top header bar

TeamForge top header bar did not render properly when the CCF (CollabNet Connector Framework) integrated application page was loaded. This has been resolved.


SOAP requests and responses are no longer logged in the /opt/collabnet/teamforge/var/home/sf-admin/axis.log file to alleviate growing file size concern.

Exception handling

SfSystemException was thrown when there's a version conflict and this caused an issue with CCF. From now on, VersionMismatchException is thrown in case of version conflicts.

Performance tuning

  • The performance of viewing artifacts with large number of comments (~ 20000 comments) has been optimized.
  • With a couple of performance tuning fixes, CPU usage has been brought down considerably while trying to view artifacts with large number of associations (~75000 associations).

Broken links on floating header

Hyperlinks (for Roles) on the floating header of Project Admin > Permissions > User-Role Matrix and Project Admin > Permissions > User Group-Role Matrix tabs were found to be broken sporadically, which are now fixed.

"maximum open cursors exceeded" exception

An issue that caused the "maximum open cursor exceeded" exception (on Oracle) has been resolved.


  • You cannot add reports as a project page component if you disable "Reports" tool (Project Home > Project Admin > Tools) for a project.
    Note: Reports created using "Lifecycle Metrics" component, if added to a project's home page, are not impacted even after disabling the "Reports" tool for the project.
  • An issue with flex field name length that prevented tracker reports from being generated has been resolved.
  • The Select Trackers drop-down list no longer shows a broken image in case you have selected "None" while setting up the tracker icon (in other words you chose not to have an icon for the tracker).


  • During TeamForge upgrades, an issue prevented installation of latest binary RPMs on sites that already had TeamForge Binary application installed. This is now resolved. yum install teamforge command installs latest binary RPMs as expected.
  • An issue that prevented collabnet services from starting up automatically after a server reboot on RHEL/CentOS 7.x has been resolved.

Delete associations via SOAP API

Users with Tracker "edit" and no "SCM Admin" permissions can now delete associations via deleteAssociation SOAP API call without any permission issues.

Internal Code Browser for svn-internal

Internal code browser is enabled by default for svn-internal. However, you can disable it by editing exsy1001.


You can now import projects with mandatory "multiselect" and "date" flex fields without any issues.