CollabNet TeamForge 16.10 Update 1 release notes

Released on: 29 Nov, 2016

TeamForge 16.10 version history

  • TeamForge 16.10 GA: 16.10.606-19 (11/03/2016)
  • TeamForge 16.10 Update 1: 16.10.641-49 (11/29/2016)

About TeamForge 16.10 Update 1

Fixed issues
  • Fixed an issue with TeamForge's Password Control Kit that prevented password expiry warning emails from being sent as configured to users whose passwords are due for renewal.
  • User-Role Matrix page's header row is now frozen to keep it visible while you scroll the page.
  • TeamForge CLI server now starts up automatically when you reboot the server.
  • When you move or copy a document folder from one project to another, the Select Project drop-down list that lets you select the target project now shows the current project in context by default.
  • The expand/collapse toggle icons for document folders are now available if and only if a document folder has subfolders under it.
  • Fixed an RBAC issue that prevented users with proper access permissions from accessing documents stored in specific document folders.
  • Fixed an issue with the Side by Side view of the change history shown in the Comments section of the View Artifact page to display the Old and New values side by side as expected.
  • When cache is cleared and reloaded, custom event jar files are now loaded per values stored in the database (loaded only if set to TRUE/enabled) instead of going by the manifest values.
  • Last visited tracker details are now stored in the database to take you straight to that specific tracker page when you visit the Trackers section subsequently.
  • The About TeamForge dialog box now lists the installed add-ons as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented guest users from viewing artifact comments on a "Public" project.

Apply 16.10 Update 1

For instructions, see Apply 16.10 Update 1.