The HOST variable identifies which of the TeamForge site's services are to run on a given machine.


One or more of: app, database, cvs, subversion, etl, datamart


app database cvs subversion etl datamart


Multiple applications can be assigned to a host. List the applications in space-separated format.

  • app (the main TeamForge application) must be assigned to one host only.
  • database (the PostgreSQL or Oracle application) must be assigned to one host only.


Here are some possible variations on the HOST_ variable when configured on the box where the main TeamForge application is running.

Note: Observe that when the source control integrations run on a separate box from the main application, no HOST_ variable is needed on the application box to point to the source control box. The source control machine needs to know how to find the main application box, but the application box does not need to know where the source code integration box is.