Migrating discussions

Here are the migration details and migration notes for discussions.

Migration Overview

  • All the active discussion forums, topics, posts, user subscribers and attachments are migrated to CTF 16.10.
  • Attachment formats are retained.
  • All the discussion user subscribers in CEE are added to the Monitoring Users list in CTF 16.10.
  • Un-moderated and moderated discussions are migrated appropriately. However, the trusted discussions are migrated as moderated discussions and trusted subscribers as trusted users.
  • Approved and waiting-for-approval topics/posts are migrated as is.
  • Only those users who had the "Discussions - Discussion Use Private" permission in CEE can view the migrated private discussions in CTF 16.10.

This table shows how fields in CEE map to fields in CTF 16.10:

CEE CTF 16.10
Title Forum Name
Email address Email Address
Description Description
Restrictions Enable Moderation/Type
Discussion User Subscribers Monitoring Users
Un-moderated/Moderated Discussions Un-moderated/Moderated Discussions
Trusted discussions/trusted subscribers Moderated discussions/trusted users
Discussion Description Forum Description
Prefix Subject Prefix
Email Posting Enable Mailing List
Email Address Email Address
Footer Footer Text

While posting attachments via the user interface in CTF 16.10, attachments can only be posted one at a time. However, while posting using email, you can post multiple attachments.

This table lists the message posting mapping details:

CEE CTF 16.10
Subject Subject
Body Message
Attachments Attachments
Other Recipients Nil


  • The discussion mailing address format in CEE is forumalias@project.domain whereas in CTF 16.10 it is forumalias-project@domain.
    Note: Post-migration, the response emails to the existing CEE mailing address will be re-directed to the new CTF 16.10 mailing address and captured into appropriate mailing lists. However, it’s recommended to use the new CTF 16.10 mailing address for any new posts. The future releases of CTF 16.10 may not continue supporting the old mailing address compatibility.
    Tip: A CEE forum list name can start with a number or "_" and can also have "." and "-" characters, whereas, CTF 16.10 imposes certain naming conventions. So, if the toAddressUsername (list name) in CEE contains "." or "-", it is replaced with "_" in CTF 16.10. If it starts with "_" in CEE, the underscore is removed in CTF 16.10. If it starts with a number, post-migration, the number is replaced with the number in word, suffixed by an underscore. For example, "1team" mailing list address becomes "one_team" post-migration.
  • The posts made by guest users in CEE are migrated with their actual mail-ids being prefixed in their messages.
  • The Default Discussions feature is not available in CTF 16.10. The different default discussions (Issues/Commits) serve as archives for any change to issues/version control commits. These are migrated to CTF 16.10 but post-migration, these forums do not continue as archives.
  • Any form (approved/un-approved) of soft-deleted posts/topics/forums is not migrated to CTF 16.10 as CTF 16.10 does not have soft deletion feature.
  • The CJK file names are not preserved.
  • Subject Prefix and Footer text fields available in CEE's create page are mapped in CTF 16.10's edit page.
  • Email messages can not be blocked based on attachments in CTF 16.10.
  • In CEE, "Content in email" has two options: Send full text of posted messages and send email notification with link only. In CTF 16.10, send full text is the default email content behavior
  • In CEE, "Email notifications" has three options: Message-by-message, digest format and start page only. In CTF 16.10, email notifications are set to "message-per-change" by default.
  • In CEE, there is no character length restriction on "Topic Title", whereas, in CTF 16.10, it is restricted to 250 characters.
  • In CEE, subscription is allowed at the discussion level whereas in CTF 16.10, it is allowed even at the thread level.
  • CEE features that are not available in CTF 16.10 include: Default Discussions, Message size, Message Header, Soft deletion, Guest Posting, User Groups, Anonymous and Sub-list subscribers, Email Subscription, Other Recipients, Web Post CAPTCHA, Remove deleted messages and Remove unmoderated messages.
  • In CEE, "Reply Behavior" has four options: Reply to list, To sender only, specific header and do not reply to. In CTF 16.10, Reply to post is the only reply behavior available.
  • CTF 16.10 does not support CEE's advanced email filter options like mime types, headers, reject content.
  • In CTF 16.10, based on the user's permissions, web UI and/or web posting can be accessed.
  • By default, forum mailing list is displayed in CTF 16.10 as the display email address.