Upgrade TeamForge search index to Lucene 4.x format

TeamForge 7.1 and later uses Lucene 4.4. You can convert older search indices to Lucene 4.x format using the runtime script, indexupgrade.py, which is available with TeamForge 7.1 and later versions.

Why should I run this indexupgrade.py script? What are the benefits?

The TeamForge 7.1 and later uses Lucene 4.4. As the index format of Lucene 4.4 differs from that of Lucene 3.x, post upgrade to TeamForge 7.1 or later, you may have to re-index your site or upgrade your existing indices to Lucene 4.4 format.

The search index files are typically huge in size (several Giga Bytes). If you choose to re-index data, it takes a lot of time and the search service would have to be down till then.

Instead, if you choose to upgrade your existing indices, you can convert your site's search indices to Lucene 4.x format quickly using the indexupgrade.py script with less downtime of the search service.

Converting the search indices to Lucene 4.x format would also improve the indexing and search performance considerably.

Who should run this script and when?

Running this script is a one-time task. Customers upgrading from TeamForge 6.1.1, 6.2 (including Patch 1), or 7.0 to TeamForge 7.1 or later should run this script. No need to run this script if you are upgrading from TeamForge 7.1 or later to 16.10.

You may choose to run this script as part of the upgrade process (as recommended in the upgrade instructions, all the CollabNet services would be down as part of TeamForge upgrade and so would be the search service too) or at a later point in time post upgrade. However, with the latter case, you must bring the search service down prior to running the indexupgrade.py script.

Should I back up the existing search index directory?

Yes. You must back up existing search index directory before running this script.

The indexupgrade.py script converts the existing search index directory to Lucene 4.x format. So, it is highly recommended that you back up the existing search index directory. Refer to the SEARCH_INDEX_LOCATION token in the runtime-options.conf file to know the search index directory's location.