Black Duck Code Sight

With the integration of Black Duck Code Sight, TeamForge 16.10 enables developers to easily find code snippets in source code repositories.

You can search repositories in all TeamForge projects or specific ones from your "My Projects" list. Besides code snippets, you can search for things such as file names, and classes or methods in C#, Java, and Python files. For more information on what you can search for, how search results are ranked, and advanced searches, please have a look at the Black Duck Code Sight User Guide.

You have the ability to control whether source code is included in search results. For example, you may want to exclude source code from searches that have sensitive information. You may also want to omit some repositories, such as the branding and publishing repositories, from search results. The Available in Search Results setting in Create Repository or Edit Repository page allows you to configure this. By default, this option is selected for all repositories, except for the branding repository in the look project and for Publishing repositories.

TeamForge site administrators can check the status of the Code Sight server in the Admin > System Tools > Server Status page.

Note: Code search can be done only through global search.