TeamForge connector 2.1

Release: July 2012

TeamForge connector 2.1 adds these new features.
Graphical field mappings
TeamForge connector 2.1 supports built-in graphical field mapping capabilities with the CollabNet Desktops for Eclipse and Windows. In contrast to the graphical mapping features in earlier releases, you don't need additional software to edit mappings. Note that this is not a replacement for the Altova MapForce feature, but another option to configure mappings. The new functionality includes:
  • Default Mapping Rules templates to help you get started
  • Mapping rules for Direct, Value-map, and Constant field mapping, and custom XSLT snippets
It is also now possible to use graphical mappings with a Linux client.

For more information, see Graphical Mapping.

Core configuration
Site administrators can configure the core connector properties using the CollabNet Desktops for Eclipse and Windows and the TeamForge web interface. The ability to restore default values is also available. For more information, see this wiki.
Online backup option
Site administrators can back up the connector using the web interface. The current landscape and a snapshot of the database are backed up in the CCFHOME/archive/backup-$Date directory. Only manual restoration of backups is supported. For more information, see Back up and Restore the Connector.
Improved handling of ccf.conf
Configuring CCF runtime properties has been simplified. The ccf.conf file now has a single property, ccf.home, defined. All other properties have been moved to a new file in the CCFHome directory. A default template for this file is available in the Apache Tomcat distribution ($CATALINA_HOME/ When you update, you do not need to re-install the connector service. For more information, see Configuration properties for the TeamForge Connector Server.
Other enhancements:
  • Support for TeamForge 6.2
  • Enhancements to TeamForge connector upgrades
  • Enhancements to the REST API
  • Confirmation dialogs to prevent users from losing data while switching tabs in the TeamForge web interface