What connector functionality can you access in your Desktop?

The connector functionality that's available to you depends on the permissions you've been assigned in the TeamForge project involved in the integration.

Connector functionality within individual projects is the responsibility of TeamForge project administrators. Project administrators can designate specific tasks to team members using TeamForge's role-based access control.

Modes of access

It is possible to access the TeamForge connector server in either of these two modes:


The connector is added as an integrated application in TeamForge. Site administrators can configure the connector. Project administrators can make it available in their projects, and grant project members role-based access to the connector.
In the TeamForge web interface, specific permissions are available for the following aspects of connector functionality:
  • Core connector configuration
  • Failed shipments
  • Identity mappings
  • Repository mappings
  • Field mapping rules
  • Field mapping templates
  • Resetting synchronization
  • Pausing synchronization
By default, TeamForge project administrators can edit repository mappings and field mappings, and view relevant information such as failed artifact entries, identity mappings and log files. They can delegate specific connector tasks to team members using the above permissions.