Migrate repository mappings

To figure out how to improve connector performance, you may want to experiment with shifting the load across multiple CCF Master instances.

The repository mapping migration wizard lets you move the repository mapping directions from a primary CCF Master instance to a secondary instance.
Note: Only the TeamForge site administrator is configured to use the repository mappings migration wizard.
  1. Using the Add CollabNet Site option, add the primary and secondary TeamForge Connector instances.
  2. On the primary TeamForge Connector instance, right-click the repository mapping you want to migrate and select Migrate to other TeamForge Connector instance.
    The migration wizard is launched.
  3. In the TeamForge Connector Migration dialog, select the secondary TeamForge Connector instance.
  4. Click Finish.

When the migration completes successfully, the repository mappings along with child repository mapping directions, template-scoped (connector or project scope) field mappings and their identity mappings are moved from the primary CCF Master instance to the secondary instance.

Note: After the migration, test the new mappings in the target system and then manually delete the repository mappings in the source system.