Run a simple query with user info

You can search for artifacts using information about people associated with the artifact.

Note: This procedure uses project-scoped saved queries which can be edited by Project Owners. However, the instructions can be modified to apply to other queries and roles.
  1. Go to the saved query list page and select the project query that was created using an artifact type.
  2. To edit the query click the Edit link on the Project Tracker: Saved Queries page.
  3. Scroll down the page and under Personnel Associations, Click Edit List. You will see a page which shows a value "<current user>" under the Special Values tab, where "<current user>" is the person executing the query.
  4. Check the box under Select.
  5. Associate the current user by selecting any one of the user attribute options.
  6. Click Add Selected after you have made your choice.
  7. Click done to complete the process.
  8. Save the query.
  9. Executing the same project level query as a different user will give you the corresponding results.
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