Added features

CollabNet Lab Management 2.8.1 adds these new features.

Issue ID Description
artf251756 LM Manager now runs on 64-bit versions of CentOS 7.2.
artf250370 LM 2.8.1 now supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 10 operating system.
artf234920 LM guest nodes can run CentOS 7.1 profiles now.
artf234921 LM guest nodes can run RHEL 7.1 profiles now.
artf250549 Added support for CentOS 7.2 profiles.
artf250548 Added support for RHEL 7.2 profiles.
artf251946 LM guest nodes can run CentOS 6.7 64-bit profiles now.
artf169321 Added a feature in URL mapping for setting appropriate header while using SSL.
artf245762 LM 2.8.1 has now been qualified with TeamForge 8.1 and 8.2.
artf246565 Profile data deletion from a project's PBL for Linux guests.