What is the profile library?

The Profile Library is where administrators and users can store, view, audit, and compare operating system profiles.

Note: You need to know about profile libraries if you are a project administrator or a TeamForge Lab Management user who is closely involved with the selection and maintenance of operating system profiles for their projects. For most developers and QA personnel, ask your project administrators which profiles and versions to use.

Every system inside the TeamForge Lab Management environment has an operating system profile installed on it. Like source code in a version control system, these profiles are versioned, and users can re-image systems on any operating system version in the Profile Library. Similarly, project and domain administrators can enforce, at a per-project or per-domain level, the ability to enforce the use or restrict certain operating system profiles. This gives users and administrators great power and flexibility in deciding which systems to support and run.

The Profile Library implements TeamForge Lab Management's concepts of "profiles" in the context of a distributed software development environment encompassing multiple projects and users. These users and projects sometimes want to share things with each other, and sometimes they want to keep things private. They also need ways to make intelligent decisions about what profiles to use, how profiles differ from one another, and understand how individual profiles have evolved over time. The Profile Library enables TeamForge Lab Management users to do all these things and more.