What is the Project Build Library?

The Project Build Library (PBL) is a place in TeamForge Lab Managementwhere you can store, share, search, and download the products of software builds. Each project has its own Project Build Library.

The PBL also offers a auditing and reporting capabilities so that you can see who is uploading to and downloading from your projects.

The PBL is not a version control tool. Unlike Subversion, the PBL is optimized for storing large binary files, and files in the PBL may be permanently deleted. This makes it ideal for storing the results of software builds, especially the many daily builds and other intermediate work products that precede a final release.

People can download from the PBL with any HTTPS-capable web client. Uploading files to the PBL can be done with a cross-platform command-line client distributed along with TeamForge Lab Management. The PBL client can be downloaded from CollabNet, and is also distributed by default on each TeamForge Lab Management node.