Upgrade Lab Management

To upgrade your current version of Lab Management to a newer release, you'll download and unpack the release software, edit the site.conf file, and run the upgrade script.

Important: Before you upgrade, see the Upgrade notes section in the release notes for the version you're upgrading to. You'll find information on new packages you may need to install, new site configuration options, and more. Upgade notes are available for Lab Management 2.3.4 and later versions.
  1. Get the latest build for Lab Management from your CollabNet Support representative.
  2. Extract the software.
    • $ cd /var/ops
    • $ tar zxf cubit-2.3-{buildnum}.dev.tgz
  3. Update site.conf.
    Note: You may copy the old site.conf used for installing the site originally. But you are strongly advised to go through the sample-site.conf file to see if there are any newly introduced tokens or renamed tokens so that you can keep the site.conf file up-to-date.
  4. Run the upgrade script.
    • $ sudo ./upgrade.py -f <path to site.conf>
Note: If the site is using TeamForge, you need to verify the names of the roles in the Lab Management projects. Some very old sites may still have roles called "CUBIT - *". Rename these to "Lab Management - *" in each project imported into Lab Management.