Features and enhancements

Subversion Edge 4.0.0 adds these new features and enhancements.


Artifact ID Description
artf7716 Apache HTTP Server has been upgraded from version 2.2 to 2.4. If you have manually customized the Apache configuration files or added third-party modules, you will now need to do this again. For more information on Apache 2.4.x, see http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/new_features_2_4.html.
artf7717 Subversion Edge 4.0.0 supports Subversion 1.8.
artf5586, artf7721, artf7727 This release has a new page for advanced settings. While most uses will not need to modify these settings, this page makes it easy to control some of the settings that are defined in the configuration files without needing to manually customize the configuration files. For more information, see Configure advanced server settings.
artf7729 Subversion 1.8 checks the access rules before showing a list of repositories. If you do not have read access to a repository, you will no longer see it in the list. While the content of your repositories has always been secured by access rules in Subversion Edge, this new feature now means that the list of repositories displayed in the console respects these rules as well.
artf7730 You can now rotate logs by size in addition to date, and turn off the Apache access or Subversion logs. You also have an option to reduce some of the "noise" that will be created by new Subversion 1.8 clients. For more information, see Configure log settings.

Other enhancements

Artifact ID Description
artf5009 There are improvements to how ViewVC help is displayed.
artf7757 This release incorporates a recent change in TeamForge to update commit objects when svn:log is updated.
artf7786 Configuration files are generated from templates in the dist/ folder.
artf7787 ViewVC has been upgraded to version 1.1.20.
artf7796 SVNPathAuthz short_circuit is supported in TeamForge replica mode.
artf7907 The default port used by Subversion Edge for logging in to the console via LDAP has been changed to avoid a port conflict with the wininit.exe service.
artf7919 If your httpd.conf file was customized, you will see a warning message on upgrading to Subversion Edge 4.0.0. The file you customized will be archived.