Added features

Subversion Edge 1.3.3 adds these new features.

Artifact ID Description
artf5449 To fix problems related to the 32 KB limit for an environment variable in Windows, TeamForge branding HTML is passed directly to ViewVC via Python.
artf5497 ViewVC in Subversion Edge has been upgraded to ViewVC 1.1.10.
artf5504 The copyright statements in Subversion Edge and ViewVC footers are updated for 2011.
artf5505 The Subversion Edge and ViewVC web interfaces include a proper attribution of the Apache Subversion trademarks.
artf5578 ViewVC in Subversion Edge supports the branding UI changes in TeamForge 6.1 -- primarily, the graphics for displaying broadcast messages.
artf5743 The post-install web page on Windows has been improved.
artf5745 The svn_viewvc_httpd.conf file adds support for a CollabNet TeamForge include file.
artf5746 In the svn_viewvc_httpd.conf file, the VirtualHost directives that were added for LDAP support are now conditional. If the Subversion Edge console is not using LDAP authentication mode (such as when it is managed by TeamForge), the VirtualHost directives are not specified.
artf5757 It is now easier to get to the Change Log view of binary (or a .sh) file. If the filename link does not go to the Change Log, then the link on the revision number does.
artf5907 Additional directives have been included when authenticating via LDAP.
artf5998 On Linux and Solaris, Subversion Edge 1.3.3 supports Subversion 1.6.17. Apache httpd has been updated to 2.2.19.