Configure the mail server

To receive email notifications from the Subversion Edge server, set up the mail server with the details of your corporate email server. When a scheduled background job encounters a problem, an email with information from the error is sent to different accounts depending on the situation.

  • Repository dump and load problems are sent to the email address of the user who submitted the job. The server administrator is copied on the email.
    Note: The server administrator account is the email address specified in Administrator Email in the Server Settings page.
  • Backup failures are sent to the email address of the server administrator.
When a dump or load job finishes, an email is sent to the user who started the operation. Success emails are not sent for backup dumps.
  1. Select Administration in the main navigation bar and click Mail Server.
  2. In the Mail Server Configuration page, select Enable email notifications.
    Configure a proxy server
    1. Enter the hostname or address of the mail server. For example,
    2. Enter the port number of the mail server.
    3. If the mail server requires authentication, provide the username and password.
    4. Select the connection security protocol.
    5. Specify the From address to be used in emails. If you don't provide a value, <username>@<> or SubversionEdge@<> is used.
  3. Click Test Settings to verify your configuration.

    The server will wait for up to 10 seconds for the mail server to send a test email to the address specified. If the test does not definitively succeed or fail within that time, you will see a response about the text taking longer to complete and have an option to cancel it. Eventually the page will be updated with the test result.

  4. Click Save.