Use the Kanban board

Use the Kanban board to identify the problem states for your active planning folder, create and edit tracker artifacts, and progress the artifacts to completion by dragging and dropping them across columns.

The bulk of the Kanban board is taken up by columns of artifact cards. At the top of each column, the state represented by the column, the artifact count, and the constraints for the number of artifacts and story size are displayed. If a constraint is broken, this area is displayed in red (for "bottleneck") or yellow (for "under-usage"), alerting you to correct the situation. Here's an example:

Bottleneck and under-used states
Red and yellow are the default colors; to change them, click the Preferences icon in the top right corner of the board and select the colors you want.

As work progresses, you can move artifact cards from one column to the next by dragging and dropping them. To have unassigned artifacts automatically assigned to you when they are moved across columns, select the Assign un-assigned artifacts to myself when dropped in new state option in your Kanban board's Preferences.

Any changes you make to the Kanban board are held locally until you submit them. When you save your work, you are provided a summary of all the changes. You can add an optional comment.