User interface options

The TeamForge Orchestrate introduces options that are commonly used between different pages and views, such as the "filter" option.

Filter option

The filter option appears on the "activity stream" page and on traceability graphs. In both cases, you can filter results by start and end dates. If the start and end dates are left blank, TeamForge Orchestrate depicts all activities up to the current date.

On the "activity stream" page, you can additionally filter results by step type. For example, selecting only "Commit" and "Code Review" will only select these two activities for display. You may also choose to include all steps by clicking Select all, or clear all selections by clicking Select None.

On the traceability graph page, additional filters include:
  • Association depth — Enter the association depth, choosing a value from 1 to 5. This is the number of levels of associations to the central node of the graph. .
  • Hiding indirect commits — Choose Hide indirect commits to limit the display to only commits that have a direct relationship to the item being traced. These "second level commits" are often not related to the item being traced, and can therefore be excluded, along with any associations that occur downstream.