Use filters in traceability reports

You can filter activities by date and select the level of associations you wish to depict on a traceability report. You can also choose to remove "second level commits" from the report.

You must be viewing a traceability report to see the filter icon and Filter Results button. The traceability page header indicates current filtering status - whether your activities are being filtered by date, whether indirect commits are included, and what the association depth is. In addition, you also see the specific activity ID for which the traceability report is being depicted and the total number of associations for that activity.
  1. Click Filter Results.
  2. (Optional) Enter valid dates for start and/or end dates; you can use the pop-up calendars. If no date filter is set, TeamForge Orchestrate depicts all activities up to the current date. To remove a previously selected date, click Clear.
    Downstream activities associated with an activity outside the date range are omitted even if those downstream activities are themselves within the specified date range. If your date range precludes all activities, an empty report is depicted.
  3. (Optional) Enter the association depth, choosing a value from 1 to 5. This value controls the number of levels of associations to the central node displayed in the report. Note that by selecting a higher association depth load times will increase. You may see more "rings" on the report than the number of levels you specify although you will only see activities for the specified number of levels.
  4. (Optional) Choose Hide indirect commits to limit the display to only commits that have a direct relationship to the item being traced. These "second level commits" are often not related to the item being traced, and can therefore be excluded, along with any associations that occur downstream.
  5. Click OK to save the search criteria and redraw the report or click Close to cancel the search. To restore the filters to their previous values, you must reload the page.