Generate a traceability report

Using the "trace associations" feature of TeamForge Orchestrate, you can generate a graph of all activities associated with a particular work item, build, commit, or review activity.

TeamForge Orchestrate communicates with activity sources to obtain information on the correlations between different activities. You can create a graph of associations for any activity that is monitored by TeamForge Orchestrate.
  1. To display a traceability report for an activity, navigate to the specific activity "Details" page.
  2. In the "Associations" section, click Trace Associations. The Traceability report is displayed. The graph displays all commit, build, review, and work item associations for your selected activity.
    Note: On the traceability report, all related activities are represented by their respective icons; hovering over the icon will reveal the activity ID, step number and other information specific to that activity.
    You can use these controls on a traceability report:
    • Hover over a node — View the activity information for the node.
    • Click a node — Open, in a new tab, the details page for that activity.
    • Control-click a node — Re-plot the report with the selected node as center.
      Tip: With Mac OS X, command-clickthe node to re-plot the report.
    • Use the scroll wheel — Zoom the graph in and out.
    • Click and drag the graph — Move the graph canvas.